P3 OSTO @ path.finder Festival, 24. – 25. November 2018

Our P3 OSTO team participates in the next path.finder Festival of intrinsify in Berlin. The festival covers different topics about the future of work – such as Agile, New Work, Sharing Economy, Blockchain and Digitization. Here you can find further information about the event as well as the booking.

6th exchange: Swarm intelligence part 2

Are individuals capable of accepting every task or role in an organization if the situation requires it? Or rather: Is this necessary? Can entrepreneurship be transferred to all employees as a responsibility? And which role do egoistic goals and power play – Nadja, Sven and Michael are debating intensely in our podcast on iTunes and Podigee.

Nadja, Sven und Michael


5th exchange: Swarm intelligence

Do results really improve and are they more creative if organizations use the intelligence of the mass and exchange? And which role does the individual and its personal motivation play? Our new podcast about swarm intelligence covers these questions.

Listen to our podcast on iTunes and Podigee while Nadja and Michael are talking about their experiences with our special guest Sven.

Nadja, Sven and Michael