Consulting with a system

What all business decision makers across all industries and sectors have in common is a demand for systemic consulting, empowerment and an effective support of complex change processes.

We enable organisations to an holistic, future-proof change in just 4 steps:

1. Organisational diagnosis

Initially we analyse an organisation’s development status and help understand the complexity of the situation.

2. Objective target formulation

We then develop a sustainable mid to longterm objective on the basis of the findings of our diagnosis. Amongst others, it comprises the idea of the organisational identity, its reason to exist etc. In this step we synchronise the ideas of both company and employees in relation to their vision for their future as well as realistically achievable goals.

3. Process design

The next step is to make the agreed targets achievable by designing the organisation’s necessary development process and change.

4. Development support

This implementation phase completes the process. During their active involvement in the change process teams and employees are also trained and empowered to master complexity independently in the future.